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Los Angeles Portrait Artist Heather McMillen

As the owner of Heather McMillen Studio, I have worked for nearly 20 years as a freelance fine artist in Los Angeles; creating portraits, book illustrations, murals, and album artwork. The majority of my business has involved creating oil painting or charcoal portraits for individuals, corporations, and entertainment industry clientele, including: 21st Century Fox, Sony, E! Entertainment Television, Kiehl’s since 1851, L’Oréal, Bravo!, and Giorgio Armani.

My own work is inspired by the people and experiences of my life, and it is a celebration of emotional resonance and individuality. I have traveled extensively, which has enhanced my appreciation for multicultural beauty and creativity. As an artist, and a student of philosophy and psychology, I enjoy the dynamic tension between the overt and the covert, the explicit and the implicit, the inner and the outer. The goal of my portrait work is to explore these subtle psychological dynamics in order uncover transcendent qualities in my subjects. I have a master’s degree in Depth Psychology, which encourages an interdisciplinary field of study, including: Psychological theory and praxis, philosophy, cultural anthropology, mythology, interpersonal neurobiology, literature, art, and critical studies.

I am currently accepting commissions for fine art and illustration. In addition, I am available as a consultant to the media and the entertainment industry on the subject of mental health and character development.

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